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Sound Ministers are coming on the scene

Synthpop and elektronic music fans can be once again delighted to the “black celebrations” or the music in the style of Depeche Mode performed by a Slovak band. This band around the front man Peter Zeman should replace the reminiscences about the band Monte Rosa and the hits like „Obyčajné manekýnky“ (Common models) or „Zlomené krídlo“ (Broken wing). Peter, 16 years old student of conservatory, could enjoy the atmosphere of Monte Rosa album baptism, which has been the only Slovak synthpop album. The year was 1990 and the band Exhibic – Synchron was the support band for the Monte Rosa first album baptism concerts. “I was 16 and I had no idea what’s going on … Our manager had an audio tape with my song in his hand. He called me, that the songs are great and the boys from Monte Rosa want us to play at their concerts. They even helped us to arrange the songs, as we didn’t have any proper instruments. After two weeks we were really standing on the stage”, recalls the beginnings Peter Zeman. Later the band had some performances at joint and solo concerts. Band prime was slowed down by the academic duties and the manager departure was followed by 20 years synthpop silence. Peter was dedicated to his orchestral player job, pop music composition and arranging the music. As he says, he is returning to the genre that is closest to him. “I’m coming to fulfill my dreams. I want to undergo playing Enjoy the Silence or my own songs. Nobody of the band needs to prove something, we do not have any expectations and we are not going to attack the rankings charts. We are going to enjoy the concerts and if anyone wants to join us, he or she is welcome. Sound Ministers is about a lavishness and joy of music and desire to pass some of those feelings to others, “says the band singer Peter Zeman. Sound Ministers prepare a concert program for music clubs and stages as well. Fans can look forward to the concert contains our own music, but also the dozen Depeche Mode famous songs. „In addition to English song we will play and sing also some Czech songs. I have the same reverence and respect for the Czech Republic as to my native Slovakia. This country gave me and two other members of the band music education and the genre we are doing sounds good in both of these two languages. I’m a Czechoslovak from all of my heart,” said band leader Peter Zeman. “I believe that we agree with the management of Ocean band and we will be able to play a few songs of this legendary band. We would like to pay a tribute to the man whom I personally consider as an icon of Czechoslovak synthpop – Petr Muk.” The band is exclusively formed of professional musicians with rich experiences. Rasťo Balog, Laco Varga and Peter Zeman consider mutual cooperation on this project as a logical outcome of more than 20-year friendship and the band is finally renewed by a pianist Michal Šmidovič. Sound Ministers is finishing the video, but the first occasion is focused at the preparing of the debut concert in these days. The exact date hasn’t been determinated yet, but we’re counting its notification in days. “Depeche Mode Ladies and Gentlemen” – you will come into your own.

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  • 10. februára 2012 Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Blue Note Club - 20:00
  • 23. novembra 2012 Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Blue Note Club - 20:00
  • 26. decembra 2012 Prešov, Dangerous party
  • 25. apríla 2014 Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Blue Note Club - 20:00